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  • Quality replacement capacitor 8uf for your tumble dryer.
  • This can fit tumble dryers sold by different manufacturers and brands

Suitable for the following appliances: Neutral 37AS, 37AW, 38AW, 427SV, 427SVNC, 42AS, 42AW, 43AW, 44AS, 44ASNC, 44AW, 72AW, 76AS, 76ASNC, 76AW, 77AS, 77ASNC, 797LDO, 79AS, 831WV, 837SV, 837WV, 83AS, 83AW, 85AS, 85AW, 937WV, 93AW, CL311OGV, CL312N, CL312NAV, CL312NBV, CL312NOGV, CL312NRV, CL312NYV, CL322SW, CL322WV, CL331A, CL331AV, CL331W, CL331WV, CL332BV, CL332RV, CL332W, CL332YV, CL3A, CL417WV, CL42, CL421W, CL427SV, CL427WV, CL431A, CL431W, CL432/1/02, CL432A, CL432FV, CL432W, CL437WV, CL441ALMOND, CL441W, CL447CV, CL447SV, CL447SVNC, CL44AWH, CL511A, CL511W, CL512, CL547, CL612, CL632, CL637/1W, CL637/2W, CL637/3W, CL637/WV, CL637AL, CL637BV, CL637OGV, CL637YV, CL677BV, CL677OGV, CL677WV, CL677YV, CL687SV, CL687WV, CL727, CL727B, CL727BV, CL727CH, CL727OG, CL727OGV, CL727WV, CL727YV, CL731, CL732, CL737, CL741, CL757, CL762, CL767, CL767B, CL767BV, CL767C, CL767OG, CL767OGV, CL767SV, CL767SVNC, CL767WV, CL767Y, CL767YV, CL76AWH, CL777TS, CL787, CL787B, CL787OG, CL787WV, CL787Y, CL797BV, CL797C, CL797OGV, CL797R, CL797SVNC, CL797YV, CL847SV, CL847WH, Whirlpool AWB650PH/BRGR, AWB682WH, AWG200, AWG200/3, AWG200/4, AWG210/7, AWG210GR, AWG211, AWG212, AWG220/1, AWG220WH, AWG220WH/1, AWG221/1AL, AWG225, AWG225/1, AWG225/1HAV, AWG225HAV, AWG230, AWG245WH, AWG253, AWG266, AWG274, AWG293, AWG295, CL312AV, CL312BV, CL312OGV, CL312RV, CL312W/V, CL312WV, CL312YV, CL332AV, CL332BV, CL332N, CL332NAV, CL332NBV, CL332NOGV, CL332NRV, CL332NYV, CL332OGV, CL332RV, CL332W/V, CL332YV, CL37, CL372BV, CL372CV, CL372GV, CL372WV, CL372YV, CL382BV, CL382CV, CL382GV, CL382WV, CL382YV, CL412FRV/W, CL412FV/W, CL417AV, CL417BV, CL417OGV, CL417W, CL417W/V, CL417WV, CL417YV, CL427AV, CL427BV, CL427CV, CL427OGV, CL427WV, CL427YV, CL437AV, CL437BV, CL437OGV, CL437W/WV, CL437WV, CL437YV, CL447AV, CL447BV, CL447OGV, CL447WV, CL447YV, RSD459/29, Thorn TD45, Philips Whirlpool AWB650BBGR, AWB650BR, AWB672WH, AWB675/VK, AWB679, AWB682, AWG210/1WH, AWG221/1AL, AWG221/AL, Ignis AWF020, AWF021, AWF030, AWF032, AWF038, AWF040, AWF045, AWF048, AWF795, AWF797, AWF797/01

White Knight Tumble Dryer Start Capacitor 8 UF [Energy Class A+++]

SKU: cap08
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