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Vacuum cleaning dirt on a carpet

Affordable carpet cleaner hire in Mansfield

Get rid of stubborn stains. Call Mick Radford Electrical to hire a carpet cleaner today.

Carpet cleaning appliance
The smart way to clean your home

Do you have stained carpets? Looking to deep clean your property without hiring a professional cleaner? Appliance hire from Mick Radford Electrical is the perfect way to save money. Hire top-of-the-range cleaning appliances for a fraction of the retail price. Visit our store or chat with our team today.

Top-of-the-range models

We stock the latest makes and models for you to try out.

Money saving services

Hire a carpet cleaner for a fraction of the retail price.

Quality appliances

Our engineers are skilled in appliance repair and maintenance.

Zero commitment with all the perks

Carpet cleaner hire is the best-kept secret around. Don’t believe us? Here are some surprising ways hiring an appliance can save you money:

No sudden repair or maintenance costs

You can compare the latest models for yourself (without the purchase cost)

You can save the money you would’ve spent on a brand-new appliance

Sometimes a temporary appliance isn’t the solution, especially when you’ve got kids and pets in the house! If hiring isn’t for you, we have a fantastic range of the latest appliances in our online store. From carpet cleaners to lawnmowers, you can find it all when you shop with us.

Are you still considering buying?

Kitchen and home electrical appliances
Let us know how we can help
Vacuum cleaner disassembled for repair malfunctioning on work table

Vacuum Cleaner Repair and Service

Our engineers can save you money on a new vacuum when you come in for a repair.

Spare parts and pipes of a new vacuum cleaner in a brown cardboard box

Spares and Accessories

With over 1000 spares and accessories in stock, we have the parts for every domestic appliance.

Cleaning carpet by vacuum cleaner

Dyson Shop

We sell the latest models of Dyson for competitive prices.

Man cleaning carpet in home


Get great value on selected SEBO products.

Vacuum cleaner filter kit

SEBO and Dyson Spares

Fix your vacuum with a SEBO or Dyson spare part.

Close-up of a vacuum cleaning a carpet
Save money with carpet cleaner hire. Call Mick Radford Electrical on 01623 629788 or visit our Mansfield store today!
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