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Radvac replacement Fan oven element for Whirlpool fan assisted cookers, original quality at a much better price.

Dimensions - 190mm wide by 220mm high

Fits models - 00048865, 10065524, 10065642, 30027079, 30065641, 40065594, 50065640, 80048866, 858514615021, AKL781AV, AKL797IX, AKL874GR, AKL874IX, AKL874WH, AKL876AV, AKL876IX, AKL876WH, AKP129WH, AKP529WH, AKZ101IX, AKZ106IX, AKZ106WH, AKZ146IX, AKZ151IX, AKZ154AL, AKZ154IX, AKZ159IX, AKZ161AV01, AKZ161AV02, AKZ161IX01, AKZ161IX02, AKZ161WH01, AKZ161WH02, AKZ163IX, AKZ187AL, AKZ187IX, AKZ19501AL, AKZ195AV01, AKZ195AV02, AKZ195IX02, AKZ195IX03, AKZ195WH01, AKZ195WH02, AKZ406WH, AKZ419IX, AKZ444IX, AKZ444MR, AKZ444NB, AKZ444WH, AKZ446AV, AKZ446IX, AKZ446WH, AKZ451AV, AKZ451AV01, AKZ451IX, AKZ451WH, AKZ454AL, AKZ454IX, AKZ454IX01, AKZ454NB, AKZ454WH, AKZ454WH01, AKZ469IX, AKZ472IX, AKZ487IX, AKZ489IX, AKZ490IX, AKZ495IX, AKZ496IX, AKZ497IX, APDFO02AV, BLZH5069AL, BLZH5069IN, BLZH5969AL, BLZH5969IN, BMZH5069AL, BMZH5069IN, BMZH5099IN, BMZH5901IN, BMZH5901SW, BMZH5969IN, BSZH5069IN, BSZH5969IN, DO905AV, DO905IX, DO905WH, G2P61F01SRSS, G2P61F01SRWH, G2P61FBK01, G2P61FSS, G2P61FSS01, G2P61FWH01, G2P62FBK01, G2P62FSS01, G2P62FWH01, G2P63RBK01, G2P63RGR01, G2P63RWH01, G2P90FBR, G2P90FSS, G2P90FSS01, G2P90FWH, G2P90FWH01, G2P91RBK, G2P91RGR, G2P91RWH, LPR811, LPR812, LPR813, LPR814, LPR825,LPR82

If unsure call us for confirmation.

Whirlpool Fan Oven Heater Element, 2000 Watt

SKU: ele2075
£20.00 Regular Price
£14.99Sale Price
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