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- This cartridge is compatible with Brita Maxtra water filters

- Designed for use in Brita Maxtra style jugs

- Each cartridge lasts approximately 1 month

- Reduces limescale, chlorine and other impurities

- Suitable for use with all mains water

- Higher Quality than most replacements Guaranteed

Please note that this is a compatible part. It is not a genuine Brita product, names and part numbers are used for reference only.

Please note that these cartridges fit by dropping into the top of the filter jug. If your jug uses a twist and lock mechanism for fitting the filter, this cartridge will NOT fit.

Please note that these filters are not for use in electric kettles.

Universal Filters For BRITA MAXTRA & Maxtra + Water Filter Cartridges

SKU: 65-un-01 split pack 1 filter
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