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The TRUVOX HYDROMIST HC250 COMPACT CARPET EXTRACTION MACHINE is an all-in-one spray extraction machine which is ideal for carpet and upholstery cleaning.

It is easy to use, with a cleaning width of 250mm and large stair-climbing wheels which do not mark the floor, for enhanced manoeuvrability. Other features include a robust construction, a 14-litre solution tank with a transparent lid for viewing work progress, a powerful 1200 watt vacuum motor and an airflow rate of 56 litres/second.

The HYDROMIST HC250 features a powerful built-in rotary brush for deep pile cleaning, with a speed of up to 1000rpm. An incorporated quick fit spray jet makes cleaning and maintenance easy, and easy-fit upholstery and stair-cleaning accessories are included. A useful instructions pictogram is featured on the machine.

Truvox Hydromist HC250 Carpet Extractor

SKU: hc250 truvox
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