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This is a pair of Genuine Sebo carbon brushes Complate with the  brass holders to suit Domel branded motors fitted to Sebo vacuum cleaners Model Listed Below 

Our carbon brushes are genuine Sebo spare parts 

Sebo Main Dealer 

To fit the following machines if fitted with a Domel motor: 

  • Sebo X1.1
  • Sebo X4
  • Sebo X5
  • Sebo XP2
  • Sebo XP3
  • Sebo 300 Evolution
  • Sebo 350 Evolution
  • Sebo 450 Evolution
  • Sebo Evo variants (blue body)
  • Sebo BS36
  • Sebo BS46 

Sebo Genuine Domel Type Motor Carbon Brushes 015118S

SKU: SEB05118S
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