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SEBO offer a complete carpet care solution Duo p machine and also a BS360 Vacuum cleaner the complete cleaning package from your main Sebo Dealer

The DUO system comprises a brushing machine, the DUO, and carpet cleaning powder, DUO-P. The DUO brushing machine features twin contra-rotating brushes which open up the carpet pile and work the DUO-P carpet cleaning powder deep into the pile and around every fibre.

With the dopple, two standard duo machines can be linked together to create a 70cm (28") machine.

SEBO DUO-P Cleaning Powder is made up of highly absorbent micro-sponges which contain advanced cleaning agents. By brushing the DUO-P into the stain the cleaning agents break down the soiling which is then absorbed into the micro-sponges. Once dry the DUO-P can simply be vacuumed away.

Tested and approved by Woolsafe, DUO-P Cleaning Powder has a built-in fibre protector to help prevent re-soiling

This package includes a DUOP Macine and also BS360 Proffesional vacuum cleaner 

The New SEBO BS360 Eco is the latest version of Sebos commercial twin motor upright vacuum cleaner and has been developed to give excellent performance, outstanding reliability and easy maintenance. Its low weight and improved design heads make it easy to clean wide areas quickly and without fatigue.


  • Twin motor.
  • Separate suction and brush motor
  • L Shaped head for superb edge cleaning
  • Suction motor 700 Watt
  • Brush motor 175 Watt
  • Timing belt with electronic protection
  • Electronic guidance for optimum brush height
  • Changeable brush strip
  • Housing of strong ABS
  • Cleans when flat
  • Hose with integrated wand
  • Automatic Brush off when upright
  • 36cm wide cleaning head
  • 7.9kg weight-
  • Bag full warning light


  • Effective and trouble free operation
  • All round cleaning ability
  • Economic servicing
  • Extremely Durable

SEBO DUO Carpet Cleaning Machine And BS360 Vacuum Cleaner Package

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