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The new SEBO SOFTCASE BP60 makes a statement in the field of battery-powered upright vacuum cleaners for commercial cleaning.

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Powerful battery

The powerful rechargeable battery with 25.2 V and a capacity of 308 Wh allows an incredible runtime up to 60 minutes with full workload. The Power Unit (the battery) can easily be charged with the supplied Power Charger while remaining in the unit or outside. Charging time up to 100% is only 250 minutes.

Impeller technology

An impeller with up to 17,000 rotations per minute is driven by a toothed belt. The impeller sucks in the dirt picked-up by the rotating brush and transports it through the air channel into the removable filter bag. A simple and effective system, it generates an astonishing volume flow of 24 litres per second despite the relatively low rated power of 300 watts!

Multi-layer microfilter bag with extra-large volume

The well-known four-layer electret filter bag is part of the design. It gives very fine microfiltration and has an amazing volume of 5.5 litres - a lot of dust fits in there.

Filter bag housing made of lightweight, textile material

The filter case of the SEBO SOFTCASE BP60 is made from a soft textile material with a 2-way-zip. This lightweight, durable material is shockproof and easy to move by hand.

Proven SEBO quality features

Proven SEBO safety mechanisms are of course included. In case of a blockage or overload, the unit switches off automatically. In the locked, upright position (park position), the brush lifts to protect your floor. The power head features a 4-stage manual height adjustable brush roller, in order to adjust it to the height of any surface and, like other SEBO vacuum cleaners, maintenance can be done without tools.

Sebo BP60 Cordless Softcase Vacuum Cleaner Sebo Main Dealer

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