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This is the newest mid range model in the Sebo upright range, the Sebo Automatic X7 Extra ePower in gloss navy blue.

The Automatic X7 ePower is the latest in Sebo's iconic X range of vacuum cleaners. The Sebo Automatic X7 Extra ePower vacuum cleaner gives you reliable, professional quality performance.

It uses a computer controlled system to optimise its performance on all floor types. This system ensures the brush is always at the correct height, and keeps the machine protected, for example by shutting the motor down in the event of a blockage.

The efficient airflow design makes the performance even better. An integrated wand extends the vacuum's reach so you can clean a larger space without moving, and the cassette-style brush roller removal is easy to use to quickly remove hair from the brushroll.

This model is aimed at the busy family home. These X series machines are renowned for removing dirt and hair lodged in carpets, so you can be certain the all new Sebo X7 ePower will leave your floors spotless.

Sebo vacuum cleaners are endorsed by Allergy UK (the British Allergy Foundation), recommended by Which? Magazine, recommended by Axminster Carpets and the Good Housekeeping Institute among others.

The X7 ePower Extra has a large 5.3 litre capacity bag, ensuring that you can keep cleaning longer without having to stop. Being a bagged vacuum cleaner means that when it's full, you just swap the bag with a new one.

The X7 ePower Extra comes with the following:

  • Integrated wand and hose
  • Long extension hose giving you reach up the stairs or into the car
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery and stair tool
  • Dusting brush tool

Using this machine makes it very easy to reach high ceilings, removing cobwebs with ease. The extension hose makes it easy to get up stairs, under furniture or around the car.

Sebo are known for their superior reliability and high standards of engineering and design, so you know your X7 ePower will work properly for many years. As with all Sebo vacuum cleaners, there is a five year guarantee with the X7 ePower Extra.

Sebo Automatic X7 Extra ePower Vacuum Cleaner Blue

SKU: x7 extra ePower vac
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