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Fast Drying QuikSteel putty firmly sets in 15 minutes, and is completely cured and ready to drill, sand, tap, prime, machine and paint in one hour (longer in colder conditions).

Strength: There are two ways strength is measured. One is on the horizontal plan - this is called shear strength and the other is on the vertical plane and this is called tensile strength.

Shear Strength: When fully cured QuikSteel has a shear strength of 740 pounds per square inch. By comparison, pine timber has a shear strength of 400 pounds per square inch. QuikSteel is almost twice as strong as pine timber.

Tensile Strength: When fully cured QuikSteel has a tensile strength of 6,200 pounds per square inch.

Hardness: QuikSteel is one of the hardest materials next to steel. When cured, QuikSteel can be machined in any way that steel or aluminium can be machined, drilled, tapped, milled, sanded, sawed, routed, primed or painted. Anything you can do to metal or wood - you can do to QuikSteel.

Seals Leaks Under Water Or In Fluids: QuikSteel cures underwater and in all atmospheric conditions. Leaks can be sealed inside a container, tank, etc. with liquids still in the item to be sealed. Curing time is longer when used under water.

Seals Leaks While Leak Is Occurring: If a petrol or diesel tank, oil pan, or any container has a rupture, QuikSteel will seal the leak while the drainage is occurring. No need to empty container prior to repair.

Resistant To Chemicals: QuikSteel is impervious to most chemicals including battery acids.

Steel Reinforced: QuikSteel has the maximum holding power because it is steel reinforced, and manufactured using the highest grades of epoxy.

Resistant To High Temperatures: QuikSteel maintains its qualities when exposed to temperatures in excess of 260 degrees


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