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Dustbags suitable for Bosch / Siemens vacuum cleaners - Equivalent to type H Genuine bags (BSH460467)
Model No. BOSCH BBS6000GB/01, BBS6000GB/02, BBS6000GB/03, BBS6000GB/05, BBS6004GB/02, BBS6004GB/03, BBS6004GB/04, BBS6004GB/05, BBS6101GB/01, BBS6101GB/02, BBS6101GB/03, BBS6101GB/04, BBS6105GB/02, BBS6105GB/03, BBS6105GB/04, BBS6107GB/02, BBS6107GB/03, BBS6107GB/04, BBS6110GB/03, BBS6110GB/04, BBS6202GB/01, BBS6202GB/02, BBS6203GB/01, BBS6203GB/02, BBS6204GB/03, BBS6204GB/04

Paper dust bags X5 - Suitable for Bosch & Siemens. Equivalent to type H bags

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