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Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:


C-2E Bag, C-20E, C-17,
C-7, C-15C, NA86, MC-C6461, MC-CG461, MC-CG461k, MC-CG463, MC-CG463K, MC-CG465,
MC-CG465K, MC-CG467, MC-CG467K; MC-CG475, MCCG485K, MCCG663
MC-CG677 MC-CG691RP47, MC-CG695ZP47 MC-E700, MC-E700, MC-4700
MC-E7002, MC-E7101, MC-E7103, MC-E7113; MC- E7301, MC-E7301k,
MC-E7303K MC-E870, MC-E880, MC-E9001, MC-E9003, ZCCG467
MC7000 to MC7099, MC7100 to MC7199 MC-E60 to MC-E89 MC-E650 to MC-E659
MC-E700 to MC-E799 MC-E800 to MC-E899 MC-E959 to MC-E989
MC-E9001 to MC-E9003 MC-E1000 to MC-E1099 MC-E7001 to MC-E7012
MCCG383 MCCG485 MCCG487 MCCG600 series MCCG663 MCCG691, MC-CG710, RCG402, RCG7101, RCG72586,

Panasonic C2E, C17 & C20E Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 5 Pack

SKU: sdb57
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