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Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

All Oreck Uprights:

XL8000 with docking system,
XL9000 with docking system
XL9100, XL9200, XL9300, XL9300E, XL9400,
XL988, XL21, XL5, XL7, XL3, XL10,
XL2005, XL2006, XL2007, XL20074, XL2205,
XL2206, XL2325, XL2455, XL2545, XL2605,
XL2635, XL2705, (includes all RH,HH RHPK models),
XL100, XL200, XL5000, XL5300, XL8300, XL888,
Axis Models
U2255,U2265, U2555, U2565, U3775, U3785, U3795, MIC9300E,
U3805, U3845, U4145, U4155, U4305, R4567, R8300

Genuine Code: CCPK8DW

Oreck CC XL Upright Series Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 5

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