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Standard filtration replacement Henry hoover filter. This popular Henry spare part is a direct replacement for your old worn out or torn filter.

Although commonly purchased for the popular Numatic Henry hoover this filter is also suitable for a wide range of Numatic vacuum cleaners such as Hetty, George, James, NRV200 and many other models fitted with a 12 inch diameter filter. This filter also fits new range of Quickclean vacuum cleaners and is a replacement filter for the AS200B and AS100R models.

Some vacuum models were produced with a high filtration filter; this filter is also stocked by us and can be viewed under Part number FIL328. This filter benefits from a multi-layer HEPA filtration system to remove or substantially reduce dust allergy sufferance. The higher filtration filter has the same fitment as the standard filtration above so can used to replace and upgrade a standard filter.


Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner Round Cloth Filter -12 Inch

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