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Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:


GD910, GD911, GD111, GD1000, RD1000,
GC1000SER, GD1010, GD10101, GD1005,
GD2000, GDS1010, GDP2000, CDF2040,
HDS1005, 818460.00, HDS1010, HDS2000, RDS2000,
SALTIX 3, VP600,
Whisper, VC300 ECO, VC300 HEPA,
VP300 ECO, VP300 HEPA, Backuum, Business,
GA100, Family CDF2000,
Business CDB3000, CDB3050, CDF2040,

Nilfisk GD1000 Range Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 5

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