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Nilfisk Pro version Pressure Washer trigger gun for snap onto hose and bayonet onto lance. The G5 system is rated at 160 Bar pressure. We stock a full range of Spare Parts Like this Nilfisk Alto G5 SPRAY HANDLE

Part Number - 128500072

Item fits models - E 140.2-9 S X-TRA E 145.2-10 X-TRA E145.3 P 130.1-15 X-TRA,P 130.2-15 X-TRA P 150.1-10,P 150.1-10 B,P 150.1-10 B X-TRA,P 150.1-10 BP X-TRA,P 150.1-10 X-TRA,P 150.1-15 SPECIAL P 160.1-10 B X-TRA,P 160.1-15,P 160.1-15 SPECIAL,P 160.1-15 X-TRA, P 150.2-10,P 150.2-10 X-TRA,P 150.2-9 P X-TRA P 160.2-15 X-TRA

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Nilfisk G5 Trigger Gun

SKU: g5 gun
£65.00 Regular Price
£49.99Sale Price
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