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Designed for large families and for business cleaning needs, the new high performance vacuum cleaners, Nilfisk Family and Nilfisk Business, can cope with the heavy jobs.

Nilfisk Family Business offers a wide range of features to choose from and you can find the variant that fits your cleaning needs. Choose the cord solution that suits you and enjoy the user friendly design with smart parking of accessories for better ergonomics.
The dual speed function and low sound level makes the machine ideal for cleaning without getting bothered by the sound. HEPA filter is standard to ensure a clean home or work environment.

All models are "A" rated in terms of Energy.

The Nilfisk Family and Nilfisk Business series were developed against a background of many years' experience with the Nilfisk industrial range.

    • 350/800 w fan unit with an "A" rated Energy Labelling
    • Power boost function for optimized power consumption and cleaning performance
    • HEPA exhaust filter as standard
    • New magnetic closing of dust compartment securing high reliability
    • Available with standard cord & cord rewind
    • Best in class sound quality
Price: £199.00

Nilfisk CDNF 400 Family Business Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: cdnf 400 vac
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