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Dustbags suitable for Bosch / Siemens vacuum cleaners - Equivalent to type D,E,F,G Genuine bags (BSH468383)
and Karcher bags (KAR69043290)
Model No. BOSCH BBS1000-1199, 2000-2299, 2400-2999, 5000-5999, 6000-6399, 7000-7999, 8000-8999, BSA000-999, 1000-999, BSC1000-9999, BSD000-9999, BSF1000-9999, BSG4000-4999, BSGL4000, BSG60000-69999, 70000-79999, BS1/2/5/55/6/7/8, Move, Activa, Alpha, Solida, Sphera, Terrossa, Siemens Super S/XS + various models, Girmi Rotocraft, Hotpoint 3370, Krups 915-935, Privileg, Profilo . Protos . Severin . Ufesa Wilfa
Model No. Karcher VC6000, VC6001, VC6002, VC6003

Microfibre dust bags x5 - Suitable for Karcher, Bosch and Siemens. Equivalent to

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