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High quality replacement part by Radvac to fit following models

EXCL1100, EXCL800, MISSIG, W1030B, W1032BR, W1034BG, W1035WG, W1037BQ, W1130G, W1131U, W1150WG, W1230B, W1231WG, W1232WR, W1234WC, W1237BQ, W810BG, W820B, W822R, W823G, W824B, W825WG, W827BQ, W850BGEX, W930U, WD1000WGEXEC, WD1001BG, WD1005WG, WD1009WR, WD1109WR, WD921WR, WD922BG, WD925BGEXEC, WDN2190BG, WDN2190WG, WDN2191WR, WDN960BG, WDN960WG, WDN962WR, WN1090BG, WN1090WG, WN1095WG, WN1190BG, WN1190WG, WN1191BR, WN1191WR, WN1290BG, WN1290WG, WN1291WR, WN860BG, WN860WG, WN865WG, WN961BR, WN961WR

Indesit Washing Machine Carbon Brush and Holder

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