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  • Genuine replacement door interlock for your Hotpoint washing machine.
  • This can fit washing machines sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • Manufacturer's Code - C00085194

Suitable for the following appliances: Ariston A1124UK; A1200WD; A1234UK; A1235; A1237; A1324UK; A1400SWD; A1400WD; A1435SUK; A1435UK; A1436; A1437; A1437S; A1535UK; A1600WD; A1635UK; A1636; A1636S; A1637; AD1600UK; AIB12UK; AIB14UK; AIB16UK; AL10UK; AL128XBE; AL12SUK; AL12UK; AL149XEX; AL14UK; ALD10UK; ALD12SUK; ALD12UK; AMXXF149EU; AMXXF149FR; AMXXL120FR; AMXXL129EU; AWD10UK; AWD12SUK; AWD12UK; CDE129ALL; CDE12XUK; LBE12XUK; Bomann WA212B; WA214B; Clatronic WA212C; WA214C; Creda 46350; IWD12; IWM12; W200FW; W200FW/SC; W200FW/WE; W220VW; W220VW/SC; W220VW/WE; WMA10PE; WMA30PE; WMA31PE; WMA32PE; WMA33PE; Export 42407; F2086; F2106; F2126; WA212B; WA212C; WA214B; WA214C; Fagor F2086; F2106; F2126; General Electric WWH9709FWW; WWH9809FWW; Hotpoint BWD12; BWD129; BWM12; BWM129; FEW10P; FEW10P/SC; FEW10P/WE; FEW12P; FEW12P/SC; FEW12P/WE; HVL200UK; HVL211UK; HVL222UK; HVL241UK; HY6F451PUK; HY8L251PUK; SCR11P; SCR33N; SCR33P; SCR33S; SCR33YS; SCR34N; SCR34P; SCR34S; SCR35N; SCR35P; SCR35S; SCR36N; SCR36P; SCR36S; SCR37N; SCR37P; SCR37S; SCR38N; SCR38P; SCR38S; SCR61N; SCR61P; SCR61S; SCR61YS; SCR62N; SCR62P; SCR62S; SCR63N; SCR63P; SCR63S; WD420G; WD420P; WD420T; WD440G; WD440P; WD640G; WD640P; WD640T; WD645A; WD860G; WD860P; WD860T; WD865A; WDF740GUK.C; WDF740PUKA; WDL520PUK.C; WDL540PUK.C; WF000G; WF000P; WF000T; WF100G; WF100P/SC; WF100P/WE; WF101P; WF210G; WF320G/WE; WF320P/SC; WF320P/WE; WF320T/SC; WF320T/WE; WF321G; WF321P; WF325A/SC; WF325A/WE; WF326A; WF340G/SC; WF340G/WE; WF340P/SC; WF340P/WE; WF350G; WF350P; /WE; WF540T/SC; WF540T/WE; WF541G; WF541P; WF545A; WF545A/SC; WF545A/WE; WF546A; WF560/1P; WF560G; WF560P; WF561PUK; WF620G; WF620P; WF620T; WF630G; WF630P; WF640G; WF640P; WF640T; WF645A; WF720P/SC; WF720P/WE; WF730G/SC; WF730G/WE; WF730P/SC; WF730P/WE; WF740G/SC; WF740G/WE; WF740P/SC; WF740P/WE; WF740T/SC; WF740T/WE; WF745A/SC; WF745A/WE; WF760P; WF840G; WF840P; WF840T; WF860G; WF860P; WF860T; WF865A; WIN82EX; WIXL163UK; WMA10P; WMA11P; WMA12P; WMA13P; WMA20P; WMA22P; WMA30N; WMA30P; WMA30S; WMA31N; WMA31P; WMA31S; WMA32N; WMA32P; WMA32S; WMA33N; WMA33P; WMA33S; WMA33YS; WMA34N; WMA34P; WMA34S; WMA35N; WMA52N; WMA52P; WMA52S; WMA54N; WMA54P; WMA54S; WMA56N; WMA56P; WMA56S; MA63N; WMA63P; WMA63S; WMA63YS; WMA64N; WMA64P; WMA64S; WMA66N; WMA66P; WMA66S; WT721/2G; WT721/2P; WT721G; WT721P; WT740G; WT740P; WT740T; WT741/1G; WT741/1P; WT741/2G; WT741/2P; WT741G; WT741P; WT745A; WT746/1A; WT746/2A; WT746A; WT760P; WT761G; WT761P; WT940/1PUK; WT940G; WT940P; WT940T; WT960G; WT960P; WT960T; WT965A; Indesit IWB5113UK; IWB51231ECOU; IWB5123UK; IWB5123UKB; IWB5123UKE; IWB6113ECOUK; IWB6113UK; IWB6123UK; IWB6123UKE; IWB71250UK; IWB71250UK.T; IWB71250UKE; IWC6105UK; IWC6105UKE; IWC61251SECO; IWC6125SUK; IWC6125SUKE; IWC6125UK; IWC6125UKE; IWC6133UK; IWC61451ECOU; IWC61451S.EC; IWC61451SECO; IWC6145SUK; IWC6145SUKE; IWC6145UK; IWC6145UKE; IWC6153UK; IWC61651ECOU; IWC61651SECO; IWC6165SUK; IWC6165SUKE; IWC6165UK; IWC6165UKC; IWC6165UKE; IWC71450UK; IWC71450UKE; IWC71451ECOU; IWC8123UK; IWC81481ECOU; IWC8148UK; IWC8148UKE; IWD51231ECOU; IWD5123UK; IWD5123UKE; IWD61250KUK; IWD61250KUKE; IWD6125UK; IWD6125UKE; IWD61450UK; IWD61450UKE; IWD71250SUK; IWD71250SUKE; IWD71250UK; IWD71250UK.T; IWD71250UKE; IWD71251ECO; IWD71251ECOU; IWD71251SECO; IWD71451KECO; IWD71451SECO; IWD7145KUK; IWD7145KUKE; IWD7145SUK; IWD7145SUKE; IWD7145UK; IWD7145UKE; IWD7168SUK; IWD7168UK; IWDC6105UK; IWDC6125SUK; IWDC6125UK; IWDC6143UK; IWDD6105BECO; IWDD7123SUK; IWDD7123UK; IWDD7143SUK; IWDD7143UK; IWDE126UK; IWDE12UK; IWDE146UK; IWE8123UK; IWE8123UKE; IWME126UK; IWME126UKE; IWME127UK; IWME12UK; IWME146UK; IWME147UK; IWME147UKE; IWSB51151ECO; IWSB51251UK; IWSB61251ECO; IWSC51051ECO; IWSC51051UK; IWSC51251.EC; IWSC51251ECO; IWSC5125UK; IWSC61051UK; IWSC61251SEC; IWSC61251UK; IWSD51151BEC; IWSD51251ECO; W103UK/B; W103UKBG; W113UK; W113UK/A; W113UK/B; W123SUK; W123UK; W123UK(BG); W123UK(BG)/M; W123UK(BG)/P; W133SUK; W133UK; W143SUK; W143UK; W161UK; W83UK; W93UK; W93UK/A; W93UK/B; WA105UK; WA115UK; WA125UK; WA135UK; WA155UK; WAX120UK;; WI101UK; WI121UK; WI141UK; WIA101UK; WIA111UK; WIA121UK; WIB101UK; WIDXXL126EU; WIDXXL126SEU; WIDXXL146EU; WIE127UK; WIE137SUK; WIE147UK; WIE147UKCO; WIE147UKTE; WIE147UKTEV; WIE157SUK; WIE167UK; WIL103UK; WIL113UK; WIL113UKBG; WIL113UKTE; WIL123SUK; WIL133UK; WIL133UKCO; WIL133UKTE; WIL133UKTEV; WIL133UKTEV/; WIL143SUK; WIL143UK; WIL143UKTE; WIL144SPUK; WIL153UK; WIL163SUK; WIL163UK; WIXE127UK; WIXE127UKTEV; WIXE127UKV; WIXE167UK; WIXL1200OTUK; WIXL123SUK; WIXL123SUK.1; WIXL123SUK/Y; WIXL123SUK1Y; WIXL123UK; WIXL123UK.1; WIXL123UK.1T; WIXL123UKTEV; WIXL126UK; WIXL126UKV; WIXL133UK; WIXL143SUK; WIXL143SUK/Y; WIXL143UK; WIXL143UKTEV; WIXXL126EU; WIXXL126FR; WIXXL126SEU; WIXXL146EU; WIXXL146IT; WIXXL146UK; WIXXL166/1EU; WIXXL166/1IT; WIXXL166EU; WIXXL166IT; WIXXL86EU; WM12XUK; WME6X; XWA71451WWGU; New World SGE12XUK(NW)

Hotpoint C00085194 Washing Machine Door Interlock

SKU: C00085194
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