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Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:


TFS5196, TFS5197, TFS5200 to TFS5207,
TFS5206 001, TFS5208 011, TFS5209 001,
TFS7186, TFS7207, TFV2015,
TW1570, TW1600, TW1650,
TW1680, TW1750, TW1780,
Sprint - TW1545, TW1550,
TW1650, TW1750,
​CaptureCP71, CP01001, CP71CP01,
Freespace, HV5206XP1,
TCPW1450 Whirlwind, TCPW2000,
TCPW2010 Whirlwind, TCP2011,
TF1900, TF4195 001, TF5192, TFB5183,
TFC1900, TFC2000, TFC3185, TFC6207,
TFS5100 to TFS5187, TFS5192 001,
RTFS5100, RTFS5001, RTFS5002,

Genuine code:H63, H58, H64

Hoover Freespace Vacuum Cleaner Bags - 5 Pack

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