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Vacuum Cleaner Bags for;

C Series
C2350, C2450, C2704, C2708, C2710, C3284,
C9, C17, C27, CB066, CB098, CB100
Aqua Range;
S4378 to S4398, S4402 to S4492, S4508 to S4514, S5000,
Aquamaster, Aqua Plus, Aqua Jet

Aquamaster, Ecotronic, Module, S4326, S4328, S4330,
S4332, S4338, S4396, S4398, S4470, S4484,
C2334, C2344, C2702, CB100, 900 Module,

Genuine Code: H15 & H16 RH16

Hoover Aquamaster Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 5

SKU: sdb157
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