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Genuine Sebo Motor Assembly to fit all Sebo X4 machines and late X1.1 machines (if unsure please contact us first!)

Part number: 5471

This motor fits the later X1.1 For the earlier X1 please use 5212

240V 1000W

There are 2 motors for the Sebo machines dependant on age. The older one (additional image on the right) has fewer teeth on the cog. The new machine motor (image on the left) has more teeth and uses the new primary belt.

Old motor has 16 teeth on the cog (5212)

New motor has 22 teeth on the cog (5471)

Genuine Sebo Motor Suitable For X1.1 and X4 vacuum cleaners

SKU: 5471
£142.00 Regular Price
£109.00Sale Price
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