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If the fan motor in your Freezer gone faulty? Why not replace it with this Genuine Beko Freezer motor at a fraction of the cost of buying a new freezer?

Please note this item is model specific and you would need to check the below fit list to ensure this item is suitable for your freezer, if you are unsure please message or call us with your model number and we will happily direct you to the correct item.

Beko Fit list:

  • AB910S,
  • AB910W,
  • AP930S,
  • AP930X,
  • AS920S,
  • GNE35714S,
  • GNE35714W,
  • GNEV120S,
  • GNEV120W,
  • GNEV220S,
  • GNEV320S

Lamona Fit list:

  • HJA6000,
  • HJA6100,
  • HJA6110,

Leisure Fit List:

  • APL13963B

Freezer Fan Motor Assembly : FDQC28AL.1C MAX 4.3-5.0W 220/240V

SKU: 4305891385
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