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Genuine Flymo FLY019 Nylon line

It is very important that when purchasing spare parts for your Flymo, that you purchase genuine Flymo parts. It is essential that you fit genuine Flymo parts for your own safety and warranty protection. Flymo genuine parts are manufactured to strict guidelines and the highest standards, according to the manufacturer.

The line will fit the following machines:
Flymo Mini Trim
Flymo mini Trim ST
Flymo Mini Trim Auto
Flymo Mini Trim Auto Plus
Flymo Mini Trim Auto ST
Flymo Mini Trim Auto XT
Flymo Mini Trim Auto Plus XT
Flymo Contour XT
Flymo Contour
Flymo Contour 500
Flymo Contour 700
Flymo Contour 500 XT
Flymo Contour Power Plus Cordless
Flymo revolution 2000
Flymo Revolution 2300
Flymo revolution 2500
Flymo Twist 'n' Edge
Flymo Multi Trim 200
Flymo Multi Trim 250
Flymo Multi Trim 250D
Flymo Multi Trim 250DX
Flymo Multi Trim 300D
Flymo Multi Trim 300DX
Flymo Multi Trim 300
Flymo Power Trim/500/700 with the following product numbers: 9648596, 9648597, 9648641
Flymo Power Trim 500 XT
Flymo Cordless Multi Trim CT250
Flymo Cordless Multi Trim CT250X
Flymo Sabre Trim
Flymo Speedi-Trim

Please refer back to your owner’s manual before purchasing and fitting the part.

Flymo FLY019 Nylon Line for Flymo Grass Trimmers and Lawn Edgers

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