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HEPA Filter to fit Electrolux vacuum cleaners - High quality replacement HEPA cartidge

Equivalent to: EF86B (9001959528)

Suitable for: Cyclone Power Max Range & Vitesse Range
Z4700, Z4700A,
Z4701, Z4701BZ,
Z4702A, Z4703AZ,
Z4704, Z4704AZ,
Z4705AZ, Z4706, Z4706AZ,
Z4707AZ, Z4708, Z4709(A),
Z4712AZ, Z4713AZ,
Z4714AZ, Z4715az, Z4730AZ,
Z5500, Z5500A,
Z5501, Z5505, Z5506(A),
Z5510, Z5510A,
Z5600, Z5600A, Z5605AZ, and more

Filter to fit Electrolux Cyclone Power Max Range & Vitesse Range vacuum cleaners

SKU: FIL263 vitesse filter
£12.00 Regular Price
£8.99Sale Price
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