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HEPA Filter to fit Electrolux vacuum cleaners - High quality replacement HEPA cartidge

Equivalent to: EF75B (9001959494 / 9001966051)

Suitable for: XXLBOX1C Ergobox, XXLBOX4F Ergobox, Z7119, ZAC6716 Accelerator, XXLBOX1F Ergobox Z7108 Z7120 ZAC6742 Accelerator, XXLBOX1W Ergobox Z7109, ZAC6705 Accelerator ZE2400 Ergospace, XXLBOX2 Ergobox, Z7110, ZAC6707 Accelerator, ZE2410 Ergospace, XXLBOX3 Ergobox, Z7118 Cycloniclite, B7106, B7110, B7116, B712, Z7108, Z7109, Z7118, Z7119

Filter to fit Electrolux Boss vacuum cleaners - Equivalent to EF75B

SKU: FIL560 (ef75b)
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