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Original quality fan oven element by Radvac to fit Neff, Bosch, Tecnik fan assisted ovens.

If unsure please call to check fitment

DimensionsOverall Length 260mm. Internal Diameter Or Width 195. Terminal Length 38mm. Hole Or Stud Centre 35mm. Plate Width 15mm. Plate Length 45mm
Model fitting B1420WOGB/02, 2, 2400W, B1561W0GB/01, B1441W0GB/01, B1410W0GB/05, B1561B0GB/01, B1551N0GB/01, B1561B0GB/04, AEG, B1410WOGB/01, B1438K0GB/02, B1441B0GB/01, B1441B0GB/02, B1441B0GB/04, B1441B0GB/05, B1441W0GB/02, B1441W0GB/04, B1441W0GB/05, B1542B0GB/01, B1542B0GB/05, B1542W0GB/01, B1438K0GB/01, B1430WOGB/01, B1430V0GB/02, B1410WOGB/05, B1420B0GB/03, B1420BOGB/01, B1583N0GB/01, B1420BOGB/02, B1420WOGB/01, B1430N0GB/03, B1430NOGB/02, B1430U0GB/01, B1430U0GB/02, B1430V0GB/01, B1542W0GB/05, B1561W0GB/04, N1920W0GB/02, NEFF, S1542S0GB/05, SIEMENS, TURN, U1410B0GB/01, U1410B0GB/05, U1410W0GB/01, U1410B0GB/02, U1410W0GB/02, W1430W0GB/02, HBN9150GB/01, HBN435AGB/01, HBN432AGB/01, B1820B0GB/01, B1920B0GB/01, B1820B0GB/03, B192W0GB/02, BOSCH, HBN410AGB/02, HBN410AGB/06, HBN412AGB/01, HBN412AGB/06, HBN430AGB/01

Element for Neff Bosch Tecnik Fan Oven Cooker 2400w

SKU: ele2044
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