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Effectively clean your carpets with the Dyson Zorb™ Carpet Cleaning Powder!

Carpet owners do not wish to use solvents or liquids to clean carpets in fear of them removing treatments that provide stain resistant protection. The Zorb™ from Dyson is a cleaning powder that offers dry cleaning action that will leave your carpet's stain resistant properties intact.

The Dyson Zorb™ cleaning powder is great for carpet maintenance and can be used to keep new carpets looking new with none of the drawbacks of wet cleaning.

Zorb™ is specially formulated for cleaning high-traffic areas and is even safe for wool or stain-resistant carpets. The powder gets sprinkled on and groomed into the carpet where it rests for 30 minutes, absorbing dirt within millions of tiny sponges. Once the carpet is dry, Zorb™ vacuums up along with the dirt without leaving any sticky detergent residue behind.

It is dermatologically balanced so it won't cause skin irritations and is made of 100-percent recycled and biodegradable ingredients to maintain an environmentally healthy home. Thanks to its skin friendly formula, the Zorb™ is safe for both kids and pets.

A single packet contains 26-1/2 ounces (750 g) of carpet maintenance powder.

Zorb™ carpet maintenance powder is non-toxic and can be used with all Dyson upright vacuums and the DC05 Motorhead™.


  • Ideal for Wool & Stain resistant carpets
  • No sticky detergent residue is left to attract dirt
  • Dermatologically balanced formula
  • Millions of tiny sponges absorb dirt from heavily used carpet areas
  • 100% recycled and biodegradable
  • Contains: 26-1/2 ounces (750 g) of powder

Dyson Zorb™ Cleaning Powder

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