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High Quality replacement Carbon Motor Brush set made by Radvac to fit :

IWDD7123SUK, IWB5123UKE, IWC6145UKE, IWD7145KUK, IWDD7123UK, IWB6113UK, IWD5123UK, IWD7145KUKE, IWDD7143SUK, IWB6123UK, IWD5123UKE, IWD7145SUK, IWDD7143UK, IWB6123UKE, IWD6125UK, IWD7145SUKE, IWDE12UK, IWC6125SUK, IWD6125UKE, IWD7145UK, IWDE7125BUK, IWC6125SUKE, IWD61450UK, IWD7145UKE, IWDE7125SUK, IWC6125UK, IWD61450UKE, IWDC6125SUK, IWDE7145BUK, IWDE7145KUK, W101UK/B, W93UK/B, WDG985WG, IWDE7145SUK, W103UK/A, WA105UK, WE10UK, IWE7145KUK, W103UK/B, WA115UK, WE16SUK, IWSC5125UK, W103UKBG, WA155UK, WE16UK, IWC6145UK, IWD71250UKE, PWC7143SUK, W113UK/A, WD10UK, WG1030G, PWC7143WUK, W113UK/B, IWB5113UK, IWC6125UKE, IWD71250SUK, IWDC6125UK, IWB5123UK, IWC6133UK, IWD71250UK, IWDC6143UK, IWB5123UKB, WDG1095GH(G), WG1030GT, PWDC7142WUK, W123UK(BG)/M, WDG1095WG, WG1030PG, PWDC7143WUK, W161UK, WDG1195WG/1, WG1033TG, SIXL125SEU, W83UK, WDG1295WG, WG1033TPG, W101UK/A, W93UK/A, WDG985BG, WG1034TG, WG1034TPG, WG1233TG, WG833PG, WIDL126SUK, WG1085WG, WG1234TG, WG920PG, WIDL126UK, WG1086G, WG1239TSG, WG924PG, WIDL146UK, WG1130DUK, WG1286G, WG9P(G), WIDXL126SUK, WG1130TG, WG1386W(G), WI101UK, WIDXL126UK, WG1130TPG, WG1436T(G), WIA101UK, WIE127UK, WG113DUK, WG2020WG, WIA111UK, WIE137SUK, WG1230(GF)G, WG820G, WIA121UK, WIE147UKCO, WG1230G, WG820PG, WIDE127UK, WIE147UKTE, WIL163UK, WIXL123SUK1Y, WN1196WG, WIL133UKTEV, WIXE127UK, WG1230GFG, WG830TPG, WIDL102UK, WIE147UKTEV, WIE157SUK, WIL143SUK, WIXE127UKTEV, WIXL123UK, WIE167UK, WIL143UK, WIXE127UKV, WIXL126UK, WIL113UKBG, WIL143UKTE, WIXL1200OTUK, WIXL126UKV, WIL113UKTE, WIL144SPUK, WIXL123SUK, WIXL143UK, WIL123SUK, WIL153UK, WIXL123SUK.1, WIXXE127UK.C, WIL133UKCO, WIL163SUK, WIXL123SUK/Y, WIXXE127UK.R, WIL133UKTE

If your model is not listed and you want to check if these will fit your model please call us on 01623 629788

Carbon Brush set to fit Neff Hotpoint & Zanussi

SKU: car72
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