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Pre motor filter suitable for most Vax u89 and c89 models

Measures 148mm (please check before ordering as there are lots of alternative sizes for this filter)

Fits Vax Models: C89-MA-B, Air Pet C89-MA-P, Air Total Home C89-MA-T, Power 6 C89-P6-B, Power 6 Pet C89-P6N-P, Power 6 Total Home C88-P6-T, Power 6 Total Home C89-P6N-T, Power 6 Reach C89-P6N-R, Power 9 U89-P9-B, Power 9 Pet U89-P9-P, Power 9 Total Home U89-P9-T, V-2300U U88-VU-T-A, White C88-W2-B Filters trap very small dust particles, so they are better for homes with allergy sufferers.

Genuine alternative: 1113085100

C89 / U89 Pre motor filter

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