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Replacement Brushroll / Roller Sweeper Bar for your Vax Vacuum Cleaner.

Fits Vax models: VS-181T Big Bubble Family, VS-18U Big Bubble, VS-183 Big Bubble Pet, VS-18Y Big Bubble, VS-191 Swift HEPA, VS191T Swift HEPA TurboTool, Vax VS-193ST Swift Turbo, , Vax VS-19BU Swift, Vax VS-19RU Swift, VS-19S Swift Allergy, Vax VS-19TLT Turboforce Lite, VS-19TS Swift Pet, Vax VS-19U Swift, VS-19TL Turboforce Lite, VS-193S Swift Turbo, Vax VS-190 Swift.

Brushroll to fit Vax vacuum cleaners - Swift / Turbo force VS18, VS19 and more

SKU: brl65
Out of Stock
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