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Fast and effective liquid cleaner.

Quickly cuts through grease, dirt and grime.

Easily removes tough baked-on deposits without scrubbing or scraping.

Does not release any foul smells.

Suitable for conventional ovens, grills and barbecue trays
Effective Cleaning Action For Ovens, Barbecues And Grills - For Use On Warm Ovens - Non-corrosive Formula - Approved By The Vitreous Enamel Development Council - Penetrates Baked-on Carbon Deposits To Ease Cleaning - Does Not Damage Stainless Steel, Ceramic Or Enamel Surfaces - One Can Cleans Up To 5 Ovens

Big D Oven & Barbeque Cleaner - BIG D BBQ Grime and grease remover

SKU: TLS6059
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