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      Vacuum cleaner dust bags by Radvac are of the highest quality and at some of the most competitive prices. Get your vacuum cleaner dust bags now and get your machine working in flash!
  • Vacuum Cleaner Bags for:

    Aqua Karcher:
    Kerrick 101
    Chromex:Aspirobot 900, 2000, 2005, Duragan Force
    Curtiss:Jazz 30L
    Delonghi:M29, M31, G514
    Erbauer:30ltr(Screwfix) & 50ltr
    First Line:4101.0, 4104.0,4192.1
    Gisowatt:Ass35, Brico; 220P/X, 230P/X, Industrial; 30X, 50X, Professional: 35p, 50x, Elle
    S4270, S4276, S4282, S4290, S4292, S4308, SX2045 H45 Bag, SX3066, Trolley
    Karcher:K2001, 3011, K3011, NT27/1, NT27/1ME, NT301 , NT65/2, NT72/2, NT360ECO, NT360 ECO, NT360, NT36/1
    Morphy Richards(JCB)70341
    Neva:Barrel, Seau
    Nilfisk Alto:Attix Range
    Parkside (Lidl)
    PNTS 30/8 E, PNTS 30/7 E PNTS 30/6 S, PNTS 30/5 E PNTS 1250, PNTS1300, PNTS1300/A1, PNTS 1300/B2, PNTS1400, PNTS1400/B1 PNTS1400/C1 PNTS1400/D1 PNTS1500 PNTS1500/B2 PAS500B1
    Rowenta:RD400,406, RU30, RU31, RU33, RU36, RU38, RU40, RU40.5, RU40.6, RU41, RU41.5,RU42 RU42.5,RU43,RU44 RU45, RU46, RU031, RU051, RU108, RU361,RU367, RU381, RU385,RU387, RU390, RU406, RU425, RU451, RU461, RU520, RU521, RU804, Wizard, Enduro, Vorace
    Sealey:PC200SDAUTO.V2, PC300SDAUTO.V2
    Siemens:VM20000 to 20999
    Shop Vac:905.33,905.34 Classic 20, Classic 30, 906-61, Pro 30
    Stihl:SE122, SE127
    Synchro:30/A, 40
    TMB:60, 95
    Vac King (Machine Mart)CVAC20P, CVAC30SSR, CVAC20PR2​

5 Pack

30 Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Bags for various Tub Vacuum Cleaners

SKU: sdb95 1
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