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0478 - SEBO Clean Box Genuine Sebo Parts

The SEBO Clean Box is an airtight container which includes 500g of SEBO DUO-P carpet cleaning powder and a specially designed cleaning brush perfect for the removal of spots and stains from carpet and upholstery.

SEBO DUO-P Cleaning Powder is made up of highly absorbent micro-sponges which contain advanced cleaning agents. By brushing the DUO-P into the stain the cleaning agents break down the soiling which is then absorbed into the micro-sponges. Once dry the DUO-P can simply be vacuumed away.

Tested and approved by Woolsafe, DUO-P Cleaning Powder has a built-in fibre protector to help prevent re-soiling

0478 - SEBO Clean Box Genuine Sebo Parts

SKU: 0478 plastic box
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