Universal Fridge Freezer Door Seal - Up to 130cm x 70cm

by Radvac
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Universal Fridge Freezer Door Seal - Up to 130cm x 70cm 

If the door seal on your fridge freezer door has worn away or snapped, then most likely the chill will be escaping your appliance. Don't get hot under the collar about it, grab this spare part from Radvac! Here we have a compatible replacement door seal, which will ensure the cold air remains in your fridge freezer not your kitchen!

This is two L shaped moulded seals and two corner connecting pieces.

Simply cut to the length of your seal and glue the two connecting pieces to produce a suitable four sided magnetic door seal.


  • Size up to (L) 130 x (W) 70 cm x 12 mm depth (cut to size if smaller)

Please check the dimensions of your refrigerator prior to ordering this part as it size-specific.

This seal is designed for older appliances that have a detachable door liner that is fixed by screws in position.

We suggest only considering using this seal if your original seal is no longer available and the seal fitted is in very poor condition as attempting to fit on any other type of fridge or freezer may result in the appliance door leaking or unusable.

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