Karcher Pressure Washer Pump Cylinder Head Rear 9.001-215.0

by Karcher

Pressure Washer Cylinder Head

Has the cylinder head on your pressure washer become faulty, leaving you with a useless pressure washer? Don't stress, Radvac may just have the spare you are in need of. With this replacement cylinder head, you could soon have your pressure washer operating like new again!

Includes: pump head , high pressure valves, seals and o-rings.

This is a genuine, replacement pack for select Karcher pressure washers. Prior to ordering, please check the list of appliances to ensure this is the right part for you.

Fits the following Karcher K2/K3/K4/KB Models:

K 1400-4F-TR-QVC K 2.99M-PL K 3.91MD WRC
K 1400-4F-WB K 2.99M-PL-RWB K 3.92M Plus
K 2.00 K 2.99M-PLUS K 3.93 M PLUS
K 2.00 PLUS K 2.99M-PL-VPS K 3.96 M
K 2.00MB-PLUS-2F K 2.99-PLUS K 3.96M-Plus
K 2.09 PLUS K 200 M-PL-RWB K 3.98M PLUS
K 2.09M-PLUS K 200 PLUS K 3.98M PLUS-WB
K 2.09M-PLUS-2F K 209 PLUS K 3.990M-PLUS
K 2.09M-PLUS-WB K 3 K 4.130
K 2.80M-PLUS-RWB K 3.60MD Plus K 4.68 MD PLUS
K 2.90M-PLUS-WB K 3.66 MD PLUS RWB K 4.80 MD
K 2.97 MB-PL K 3.68 MD PLUS K 4.80 MD EPC
K 2.97M-4F-WB K 3.75 MD K 4.82 MD
K 2.97MD-PLUS K 3.77 M K 4.84 MD PLUS
K 2.97M-PL K 3.78M-PLUS K 4.86M
K 2.97M-PL-RWB-VP K 3.80 MD K 4.86M-PL-WBQ-V
K 2.97M-PL-TRG K 3.80 MD K 4.900M PLUS
K 2.97M-PL-TR-TV K 3.80 MD Garden K 4.91 MD Plus
K 2.97M-PLUS K 3.80 MD PLUS K 4.91M
K 2.97M-PL-WB K 3.80 MD WB K 4.91MD
K 2.97M-PL-WB K 3.81M-PLUS K 4.92M PLUS
K 2.97M-VPS-PL-WB K 3.86 K 4.96M-PL-RWB
K 2.97-PLUS K 3.86 M K 4.96M-PLUS
K 2.98M-PLUS K 3.86 M PLUS K 4.98MD-PLUS
K 2.99 MD-Plus K 3.86MD PLUS K B 9020M-PL-WB
K 2.99 M-PLUS K 3.900 M PLUS K B203-PL-WB
K 2.99M-4F-RWB K 3.91 MD-PLUS-RWB K B203-PL-WB
K 2.99M-4F-RWB K 3.91M KB 4040
K 2.99MD-PLUS K 3.91MD PLUS KB 5050
K 2.99MH-PL-WB K 3.91MD PLUS RWB  

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