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Radvac compatible Numatic Henry Hetty James Airo Brush Head Fitment

For use with 

  • Numatic 
  • Henry
  • Hetty
  • James
  • Harry
  • Charles
  • Edward
  • George 
  • Nuvac

Because this part is 32mm fitment it fits all popular sizes of Numatic vacuum cleaner. Henry, Hetty, James, Charles, George and all variants. Variants may include xtra, micro, wash, pet, etc. 

For example the Henry 160 models have a much smaller tub than a Charles, George or the new Henry XL. Despite this they all use the same 32mm fitment tools across all of the models

Manufactures names and numbers used for reference purposes only 

Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Floor Tool 32mm -To Fit Henry Hetty James 601226

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