Kitchen Aid Worm Gear - How To Replace For New Written & Video Tutorial

Do you have a KitchenAid food mixer with a broken worm gear? Too eager to beat that dough and overloaded it? Stripped the teeth from the gear? No worries here we will talk you through replacing it.

Not very good at following written instructions? Never fear, we have a video tutorial you can follow;


Ok, so you've dismantled your KitchenAid you've got to the source of the problem. The worm gear, In order to replace the worm gear you need to follow these simple instructions.                   

  • The first step is to clean the grease away. This is a pretty messy job but essential. If you don't remove the grease the broken bits of plastic clogged in with it will likely contaminate your new one, and strip the gears leaving you with the same issue you started with. 
  • Next there are 3 screws holding the whole worm gear casting into place, these need removing. 
  • This should have freed the full casting and you should be able to just pull it out. 
  • Now you need to locate the holding pin on the shaft, this next step might be difficult if you do not have a punch the correct size. Now you've located the pin you need put a punch on the top side (This will be the more dominant side of the pin) Using a hammer, gently nock the pin out of place, and put it somewhere safe! This is not a part you'll want to loose. 
  • Once that is out the way you should be able to pull away the shaft from the bottom, this will release the gear. Make note of what way around the gear is located before removing, as this can only go back on one way! 
  • Now simply do the previous steps in reverse to reattach your new gear. 
  • Always remember to put new grease on before reinstalling. Make sure you are generous with the amount you use and we recommend using a lithium based grease.

You can buy a brand new genuine worm gear from us, here;

We Also offer a mail order service for people not confident in repair their own machine. Please call us on 01623 629788 for more info regarding this. 


As always any questions or help needed feel free to email or call us for advise. 

Remember we are Mansfield Nottinghamshires number one place to get all KitchenAid repairs done. 




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